Berry Family {Utah Family Photographer}

I love this family! The more I get to know them...the more I fall in love with them. Such sweet kids with darling personalities...and they get it from their parents for sure...such genuine people! Thanks for the fun evening!

Johnson Family {Utah Family Photographer}

I had such a fun morning with this family! The oldest boy loved the camera, and the baby um not so much! He had his own agenda....but we caught his adorable personality! 

Thompson Family {Utah Family Photographer}

What an awesome family! I love these guys! So fun and full of laughter. There mom is dear to sweet and genuine.

Harris Family {Utah Family Photographer}

This is my dear friend Natalie and her sweet family.  I met Natalie years ago working in the nursing home together while going through nursing school....I have loved her ever since.  She is so kind and has the cutest little girls ever...just ask my daughters, they can't stay away from them.  Thanks Nat!

Jacob {Utah Newborn Photographer}

What a sweet baby boy...he wanted to be awake most of his shoot, and of course he slept after he left!

Scoresby Family {Utah & Idaho Family Photographer}

I loved spending a fun busy weekend with this family....they are my family! My sister and her amazing adorable kids and hubby.  It makes me sad to see how fast they have all grown up these past few years!

Smith Family {Utah Family Photographer}

Parent's don't get any better than these two....I have never met a couple this calm and patient with their kids....and what sweet kids they have....they inspire me to do better.  Thanks so much Smith Family!! I had so much fun with you guys!

Christensen Family {Utah Family Photographer}

I had so much fun with this sweet little boy and his mom....he has such a fun personality!!

Hammond Family {Utah Family Photographer}

I had so much fun with these three sweet little boys....especially when they started singing Justin Bieber!!