Olivia { Utah Children Photographer }

I love this sweet little 8 year old and can't imagine my life without her. Love you livy lou!

Irelynd { Utah Children Photographer }

This fun little girl was born 6 days after my daughter Olivia....and they have been friends ever since.  They had a fun day getting their pictures taken together as well as being able to be baptized on the very same day. 

Day Family { Utah Family Photographer }

What a fun well mannered easy going family! 

Lamb Family { Utah Family Photographer }

I love this family for many reasons! This is one of my besties....is that even a word?? Thanks for sharing your dads farm with me!

Ben { Utah Childrens Photographer }

I had such a fun morning with this sweet little 2 year old, his dog, and his ever so pretty mom....she is due in four weeks.....so not fair! She is so tiny with a cute little belly!

Allen Family { Utah Family Photographer }

Four kids in four years.....WOW! They had me hoppin!!

Needham Family { Utah Family Photographer }

This family was so much fun...these darling boys had me giggling! Watch out girls....these boys will steal your heart!